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Ten Things to ask of Your Ice Cream


"Splurge Worthy"     

When you treat yourself, you want the very best.    Great Shakes are totally “Splurge Worthy”.  But, don’t take our word for it, Yelp us out! We have well over a thousand Yelp reviews and a solid 5-star rating!  In fact, we have scored five stars on all the major review sites including Google and Tripadvisor.


 Real, premium

ice cream


Did you know that “ice cream” must contain at least 10% butterfat to legally be called “ice cream”?  The USDA and many equivalent agencies worldwide require minimum butterfat for a product to be called “ice cream”.  Mostly, it has to do with ensuring the creamy, smooth and tasty characteristics associated with the best ice cream.


Great Shakes are made with real ice cream.In fact, our ice cream is our own proprietary recipe. You can’t get it anywhere else!

Clean Label


You want real ice cream, not a science experiment.    You want your ice cream made from simple and pure ingredients that you can pronounce. Added hormones and antibiotics? Uh, no thanks!


Great Shakes ice cream is made to our recipe and contains only cream, milk, non-fat dry milk powder, cane sugar, premium vanilla and a natural stabilizer. No science degree necessary.  Our ice cream is made from dairy products tested immediately prior to use and certified to be free of antibiotics and any added hormones.  Pure and simple. 

Locally Sourced


Locally-sourced means less transport, greater freshness and less waste.  It also means that quality can be more easily overseen and controlled.


At Great Shakes, we source our ice cream from a dairy right in our backyard!We work with Scott Bros. Dairy in Chino, California to bring you the best ice cream possible.  In fact, Scott Bros. dairy ranch is in San Jacinto, just a few miles from our stores.


We always strive to source our inclusions locally as well.For example, the dates in our date shakes are from a local family-owned farm not more than 30 miles from Palm Springs.   Oh, and we make many of our ingredients in-house – it doesn’t get more “local” than that!

Perfect Temperature


All foods have an ideal temperature at which they are their tastiest and have the best sensory appeal (think steak).  Ice cream is no different.  Everyone knows that ice cream is best when it is melty and creamy.  It covers your taste buds and is at its deliciously creamy best.  Hard scoop ice cream straight from the freezer is too cold for maximum appeal.  That’s why many top dessert chefs allow it to sit and “breathe” before serving.


Great Shakes has modified a soft serve ice cream machine to produce our ice cream at the perfect temperature for a thick, creamy and delicious shake.  Our ice cream is soft, creamy and melty from the get go.  There is no need to wait for it to reach its optimal temperature!

Pure and Unadulterated


Because hard scoop ice cream is too frozen to make into a milk shake, establishments that make shakes from hard scoop ice cream add some random amount of milk to soften it up and liquefy it.  But, that changes the recipe of the ice cream!  It dilutes the recipe and may even lower the overall fat content below that necessary to be deemed true “ice cream”.  In short, the way most places make shakes adulterates the very ice cream from which it is made!


As discussed above, Great Shakes makes its ice cream to the perfect temperature!  No need to add milk and dilute the flavor of the ice cream.  The best ice cream at the perfect temperature.

Choice, Choices, Choices


Today, many people are looking to reduce certain foods in their diets.  But, most establishments carry only a handful of non-dairy frozen dessert products .  Why? Because they only have space in their freezer for a limited number in addition to their standard ice cream flavors.  As a result, you may have a very limited number of choices that meet your dietary requirements.


At Great Shakes, we make each delicious shake from scratch!  That means we can make any shake or malt on our menu using our amazing dairy free base.    You can have an unlimited number of favor options and remain true to your diet!

Whole & Natural Inclusions


As with the ice cream itself, people want whole and natural inclusions (fruits, nuts, chocolates, etc.). 


At Great Shakes, we strive to ensure that our inclusions are whole, natural and fresh as possible.   In fact, we make many of our inclusions in-house!  For example, we make our caramel, fudge, butterscotch, pie crust, coffee, marshmallows and whipped cream, among others.  Our fruits, nuts and other inclusions are whole and natural.  We use no flavored syrups or artificial flavorings.




People love sharing photos of the beautiful desserts they enjoy.   A simple romp around Instagram or Facebook brings up thousands upon thousands of images of food. Food not only needs to taste amazing, it should look amazing too!

No doubt that Great Shakes are “Instagram Worthy”.  Our customers love to share photos of the beautiful shakes we create.  And, to top it off, we include one of our home-baked mini donuts on each straw.  Oh, and it tastes great too!

Satisfaction Guaranteed


So, what if you leave your comfort zone and try a new flavor you’ve not had before?   You think you will like it, but what if…?  Can you exchange it for another?  What if you decide this flavor just isn’t for you?


No worries!  At Great Shakes, we unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction with our shakes or malts. Unconditional.  In fact, even if you create your own flavor only to discover that you don’t like it, we will make it right.  Whether we adjust your shake, make you another flavor or give you a refund, we just want you to be happy.  Seriously.

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