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We make gourmet shakes, malts, cones and floats using only premium ice cream and the finest fresh ingredients.   Our ice cream is our own recipe and is certified to be free of antibiotics and added hormones.  It contains only pure, simple and whole ingredients – nothing artificial and no corn syrup whatsoever.   


Great Shakes is family-owned and operated by the Nelson family. We opened our first shop on Palm Canyon Drive on the Palm Springs "strip" in April 2013.   Our  mission remains as it was then - make the world's best gourmet shakes, malts, floats and fruit infusions coupled with extraordinary customer service and a fun, welcoming environment.


ice cream

We use our customized soft serve ice cream machine to bring our ice cream to the perfect temperature and consistency for an amazingly, rich and melty taste, perfect mouth feel and texture.  Because we produce our ice cream at the perfect temperature, we have no need to add milk and blend it.  You get an all ice cream shake or malt, not ice milk!

served at the

perfect temperature

lactose free 

In order to make certain all of our customers get to enjoy the world's best shakes and malts, we have lactose free base great enough for a Great Shake!  Click below to learn more about how Great Shakes lets you enjoy a wide variety of delicious shakes and malts even if if you need to remain true to specific dietary preferences.

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