Pure Ice Cream.

Pure Bliss.

Chances are you don't treat yourself to ice cream every day.   But when you do splurge, you don't want to settle for a so-so dessert.  You want "splurge worthy".  At Great Shakes, we are all about splurge worthy.  Our shakes and malts are the world's best.  But we also give you great options so that you can achieve dessert Nirvana without compromising on your dietary preferences.  How?   Glad you asked.

The choice is yours

Any shake or malt can be made with any of our three bases!

Made to our exclusive recipe and amazing in taste and texture

Choose the base that you prefer.


ice cream


ice cream

Pure and True

* Certified antibiotic and added    hormone free.

* Premium amount of sweet     cream.

* Made from only the best   whole, all-natural ingredients.

All ice cream at the perfect temperature = no added milk to make a shake! (Added milk changes the recipe and flavor of the ice cream.)



Contains sodium caseinate

dairy free

  • A truly gourmet non-dairy shake base made from coconut oil and soy.

  • Any shake or malt can be made with our dairy free base!

  • Our trained Shake Artists can help you choose a shake with no dairy ingredients.

Contains sodium caseinate which, while derived from milk, has been certified as non-dairy by the FDA. Not Vegan.

Next, choose one of our amazing flavors, or

make your own!

All of our flavors are created from scratch using fresh, whole and all-natural ingredients.  Want to change it up?  Go ahead and create your own flavor from our ingredients!  After all, it's all about YOU!