What makes a

Great Shake Great?

Truth is...   We don't cut it!

Our shakes are pure premium ice cream

made to the perfect temperature -

no milk added

Most places add a random amount of milk to hard scooped ice cream to make a shake.  That changes the recipe of the ice cream making it more like ice milk.
At Great Shakes, we produce our ice cream at the perfect temperature for a thick, creamy, melty shake - no milk needed.
You're welcome!

Fabulous & Unique Shakes,

Malts, Floats & Sodas.

Fun, vibrant and welcoming

We pride ourselves on maintaining a friendly and fun environment that is inviting to all ages.  Our customer service is world class.  

A great place to be happy and enjoy the best shake of your life!

Indoor seating is subject to 
Covid 19 restrictions.

We apologize for any inconvenience - We hate it too!

what people are saying

I came here thinking, "How good can a shake be?" Well, apparently a milkshake can blow you away! Blew me away so much that I came back twice during my two day stay in Palm Springs!

Best shake I've ever had!! There was a long line when we went but it moved fast and it was worth it! Delicious shakes! We tried the s'mores shake and the brownie almond shake and they were both divine!

SIX STARS!  If you are going to go to Palm Springs, you HAVE to go to Great Shakes!

  • Yumaste

Unique Shake and great service. Visited 3 times in 5 days!

Great variety of Shakes and as good as advertised. You will encounter occasional lineup but worth the wait. The mini donut is a great touch and it's delicious as well. We tried Cake Shake, Key Lime, Smores and Salted Caramel. Have have to say Cake Shake is the best for us. All other flavors were quite good as well. Enjoy!

  • herbulous

  • Toronto Canada

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Telephone: 760 327-5300

160 S Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Springs, CA 92262


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